Playstation 3 YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death)

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My PS3 died last night (2010/01/27).

I was watching disc 2 of LOST season 1 on Blu-Ray. At the exact end of episode 7 (The Moth) where it was transiting to the next episode it shutoff. I thought it was rather odd. I tried turning it on and it powers up and immediately shuts itself off. Trying to hit the eject button wouldn’t eject the disc.

I torn apart my house today and found the receipt. Sadly I didn’t purchase the extended warranty (normally they’re scams. So I’ve heard). I purchased it in April 2008 so it is out of the 1 year Sony warranty. I wonder how much they’ll want to charge me to fix it.

I read online today that you just might be able to get your disc ejected by holding down both the power and the eject buttons. I just tried it and it worked! Which makes me “slightly” happy since who knows if I’d get that back from Sony if I ship it to them.
I’ll be going out of town this weekend so when I get a chance next week I’ll give them a call and see how I can go about getting it replaced/repaired.