Misrouted FedEx package from woot.com

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A few weeks ago I ordered some cheap HDMI cables from sellout.woot.com for my family and had them shipped to there house. Yesterday during woot.com’s WOOT OFF I purchased a (almost) $600 camera. In my hurry to purchase it before it sold out I didn’t notice that I still had there address listed as the recipient.
Today I got an email and realized my mistake when the email was addressed to my family and not me.
I called FedEx but the shipping number woot.com provided hasn’t entered FedEx’s system yet. They said to contact the seller and get it rerouted.
FedEx also stated that they wouldn’t be able to do anything till the first attempted delivery has happened and then for an additional fee they could change the address!
I hope the email I just sent to service@woot.com can get the address changed before it ships out so i can avoid FedEx’s fee.