Can not access Deluxe Gorillaz website

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I sent an email to which said:
Hello, I can’t login to the Gorillaz site.

The websites keeps giving me the message “We cannon find your iTunes download. Retry”.
I purchased the Gorillaz deluxe album from iTunes.
I’m using a Mac running Snow Leopard with all the updates installed.
Neither Firefox nor Safari would work. Both are the latest versions.
Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you,

They responded back very quick!!! with:
Can you send an email from the Support & FAQ link at the bottom of the validation page. We will then see your machine settings and be able to help

I followed there instructions and sent the email from the Support & FAQ link at the bottom of the validation page.

Email I got back from them said:
Please log back in and you will get in.

I responded back with:
Sweet! It worked!! Thank you very much!!!

Great! Fast! Support! I like it. Thanks!

Apple iPhone Dev Center part 2

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Email I sent Apple today:

Trying to sign it I get the message
“Your Apple ID has been disabled. Please contact us.”

I have 15 days left on my membership.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bank scare turns out pleasant

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March 2nd 2010

10:53am received a strange phone call from a 800 number. I ignored it.

11:01am checked my voicemail. It was from my bank asking me to call back since there is some suspicious activity on my account.

11:02am called the bank via the number on my debit card. NOT the number that was left on my voicemail.

11:04am Amy answered. I advised her that I did just buy 80 or 90 dollars worth of stuFF from
She said that will do it. She verified the amount was around that and put a note on my account that I ok’d that charge to

Can’t access Apple iPhone Dev Center

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Just sent the following support email to Apple:

I am getting the message “You must be enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program to access the development resources for iPhone SDK beta.
Not enrolled in the iPhone Developer Program?” when I click on iPhone SDK 3.2 beta in the Dev Center. My membership doesn’t expire till March 19th 2010.


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I can’t access my Bank account online.
Thought it may be a FireFox issue. Booted up into the old windows and tried with IE7.
Still didn’t work. Called my bank to find out what’s going on. Before I can reach a rep it tell me my account info and I seem to be 20.08 overdrawn!

4:16pm got a live rep on the phone. He told me what the charge was for it was for $21.something from (why I do now know just yet BUT I have a sneaking suspicion as to why)
He tells me that I need to file an affidavit of fraud against them since I had not authorized the charge. Says it will take a few days to get to me in the mail or I can just go into a branch and file it there.
Checked and it seems the charged me for a DVD I already returned at a local store.

4:22pm left to go to the bank.

I filled out an affidavit of fraud at my Bank Branch against Blockbuster.

Then went to the Blockbuster store where I returned all my movies.
The manager/owner (?) said I had to call to get this resolved.
He didn’t provide me with the 800 number but stated where I could find it on the site.
NOTE: he states that he makes NO money by people using and that them using it hurts.
If all his customers switched to he would be out of business. I thought that was interesting.

5:22pm got home from Bank and Blockbuster.
WOW I hour exactly!

5:29pm Finally found the 800 number for

5:29pm called 1-866-692-2789.

5:48pm reached a customer service representative Marie.
Explained the situation to her. She immediately refunded the money back to my account. From her tone it seemed like this happened all the time. She tells me that it can take 3-5 business days for the refund to appear on my account.

5:50pm end call

I really should have called them to begin with instead of going to the bank.
BUT on the plus side any overdraft fee’s that are going to come up because of this the branch manager girl said just call her up and she’ll “take care of them”. Also she gave me some 800 number to call regarding the online banking. When I called the verified my social and some other junk and reset my online password. They had no clue why my old password stopped working.