Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 4)

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Well after 7454 posts (150 pages worth) Sony has locked the blog entry due to it being over 30 days old.

Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 3)

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Well I tried to login to PSN (Playstation Network). Seems like they blocked the DNS settings everyone was using to bybass the new firmware update 🙁

Luckily Netflix still works!!!!

There are now 7,145 comments on Sony’s blog entry announcing the firmware “downgrade”. 143 pages worth!

Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 2)

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I am unable to login to the PSN (online playstation network on the PS3). It requires me to update to the latest firmware first. Sadly that firmware will remove the install other os feature. Which was one of the selling points for the PS3.

So I called Sony.

The automated system says the current expected hold time is 3 mins

I reach Arcila(? I should have really asked her how to spell her name.)
She advises that you can not play online unless you update to the latest firmware
She also states that “any new Blu-ray movies will require firmware 3.2.1 or higher”.

A few other memorable quotes from her were:

“that’s the way it is”

“We are not allowed to hang up on you.”

I advised her that it was advertised to have “install other OS” support which was one of the reasons I bought it.
She stated “the install other OS option was a free feature that we’ve chosen to remove”
I asked “Well backwards compatibility is a “free feature” in the original PS3s. When is that going to be removed?”
She stated “Most PS3s don’t even have that”

I again asked when will you be removing the PS2 backwards compatibility support.

She stated “The new ones don’t have that anyways”.
She wouldn’t answer my question. Just kept implying that if you have that “free feature” you should feel luck you do…. For now.

“my hand to God we will not issue you a refund”

I’m sure you don’t want to deal with 500 calls like this a day?
“Don’t mind. It’s my job.”

I asked her for the address to send small claims court paperwork to.
Took her a few mins to find it. She was muttering under her breath the whole time as she looked for it.
She did state a min or so into looking “can’t find a address” then she went back to muttering and finally found it. Same address I had received before. Though she didn’t give me the ATTN: Correspondence bit at first. I had to ask her if there was anyone I needed to address it to and she then provided that part.

ATTN: Correspondence
PO BOX 5888
San Mateo, CA 94402-0888

5:58pm she hung up.

I gave my attorney generals office a call on the off chance they were still open.
They weren’t.
I doubt the will be open tomorrow for Good Friday. It’s worth a shot though.

I change my DNS settings and I am able to avoid the software update and get on PSN.

The blog entry on Sony’s website
that started it all now has 5287 comments on it totaling 106 pages!!

Playstation 3 YLOD (Yellow Light Of Death)

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My PS3 died last night (2010/01/27).

I was watching disc 2 of LOST season 1 on Blu-Ray. At the exact end of episode 7 (The Moth) where it was transiting to the next episode it shutoff. I thought it was rather odd. I tried turning it on and it powers up and immediately shuts itself off. Trying to hit the eject button wouldn’t eject the disc.

I torn apart my house today and found the receipt. Sadly I didn’t purchase the extended warranty (normally they’re scams. So I’ve heard). I purchased it in April 2008 so it is out of the 1 year Sony warranty. I wonder how much they’ll want to charge me to fix it.

I read online today that you just might be able to get your disc ejected by holding down both the power and the eject buttons. I just tried it and it worked! Which makes me “slightly” happy since who knows if I’d get that back from Sony if I ship it to them.
I’ll be going out of town this weekend so when I get a chance next week I’ll give them a call and see how I can go about getting it replaced/repaired.