Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 5

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5:39 pm
I called (866) 428-8102 back after receiving that voicemail from them this am (See  “Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 4” for notes.)

A female rep answered. I had to ask her name 2 times before she would provide it. She stated her name was Lori Alley (not 100% sure on her last name but that’s what it sounded like. Positive the first name is correct).
I explained to her that I have called numerous times to get my number removed. Gave her my phone number. She pulled it up and said it’s for Cynthia Valley.
I advised her there is no Cynthia Valley at this number.
I advised her that if this continues I will be filing a FTC complaint and taking them to small claims court.
She said very quickly “You’re doing to much sir. The number has been removed. Have a good afternoon.”
I asked for her phone extension (since the rep that had left a voicemail had provided me with one) but she was no longer on the line. She had disconnected immediately after saying “Have a good afternoon”.

5:41pm end call.

Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 4

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Recieved yet another missed call from (866) 428-8102! This time a voicemail was left though. Here’s what it said word for word:

“This personal message is gonna to be for Ms. Cynthia Valley(?).
If you are not Ms Valley please do not listen to this message further.
Cynthia my name is Mr. Muriel with Portfolio Recovery Associates a debt collector.
Can you please return my callback at your earliest convenience at 1-866-428-8102 extension number 18015
This is an attempt to collect a debt. Information may be obtained for that purpose.”

Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 3

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3:38pm received another call from (866) 428-8102.
It took about 3 seconds of me saying “Hello” before anyone responded. A male voice asked for a Cynthia something or another (couldn’t catch/make out the last name). I asked him his name. He said it was Ira. I asked him who he was calling from. He stated that “it’s a personal business matter.”
I advised him that I’ve told this number numerous times to place me on there DO NOT CALL LIST. I also advised him that there is no Cynthia here by that name. He didn’t respond at all to that. He disconnected the call instead of replying!

Total length of call 40 seconds

Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 2

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Monday 03/22/2010
11:10 am I received another missed call from (866) 428-8102. They did not leave a message.

Mystery number (866) 428-8102

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I recieved missed calls from (866) 428-8102 at the following dates & times:
03/02/2010 9:34am
03/04/2010 6:35pm
03/07/2010 4:00pm
03/09/2010 5:34pm
03/11/2010 8:41am
03/15/2010 4:06pm
03/15/2010 5:05pm
They NEVER leave voicemails. I wasn’t able to answer those whenever they called.

BUT on
I was able to answer. The phone is immediately disconnected due to my shoddy AT&T service at work.

They call back at
Lori called me asking for a Cynthia. I advised her that there is no one by that name at this number.
I tried to tell her that I have told this number the same thing before BUT she kept cutting me off.
I tried to tell her to place me on there do not call list BUT she kept cutting me off.
I tried to get the name of her company BUT she kept cutting me off.
She stated she would remove me for there list and hung up. I was never able to complete a full sentence besides my initial one “There is no one here by that name”.

I accidentally called them back trying to take a screenshot of the call times. I immediately hung up before it connected.

Mystery number (775) 412-4499

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I keep getting these phone calls from (775) 412-4499.
They never leave voicemails.
I’ve tried answering before and it says press 1 if your ______ (I can never make out the name) or press 2 if your not whatever that name was.
I’ve selected both and nothing has ever happened.
Today I called it back. The phone was immediately answered by
Amber at 5:34pm 2009-12-29. She said she sees the number is registered for a “Cindy something or another”. I told her she wasn’t even close and she thanked me and said she would remove my number from the account.
Took all of 8 seconds. I still have no idea who/what the company is….