Apple iPhone Dev Center part 2

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Email I sent Apple today:

Trying to sign it I get the message
“Your Apple ID has been disabled. Please contact us.”

I have 15 days left on my membership.

Thursday, March 04, 2010

Can’t access Apple iPhone Dev Center

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Just sent the following support email to Apple:

I am getting the message “You must be enrolled in the iPhone Developer Standard or Enterprise Program to access the development resources for iPhone SDK beta.
Not enrolled in the iPhone Developer Program?” when I click on iPhone SDK 3.2 beta in the Dev Center. My membership doesn’t expire till March 19th 2010.

AT&T’s data network just fails on the iPhone

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2009-10-06 Tuesday Second call to AT&T to resolve no outgoing text/MMS (I can receive them just fine. It’s weird) or internet at work.
4:32pm called AT&T
4:35pm he placed me on “hold” (sounds like mute to me since there is NO music nor anything else) while he researches the issue.
4:39pm still on hold.
4:40pm he came back from hold. Had me turn off phone and remove the sim card.
4:41pm placed me back on hold while he does something on his end.
4:43pm he cames back and has me put the sim card in and turn the phone back on.
4:44pm he sends me a text and a MMS. I only received the MMS. The text message never arrived.
4:45pm he has me turn off the phone. Wait 30 seconds then turn back on.
4:51pm rep stats that “to be honest lots of problems with the iPhone”
4:52pm has me turn off 3g.
4:53pm has me restart phone since 3g was still showing in the corner.
4:54pm phone is still restarting.
4:55pm he’s resending MMS/text to me while I’m on the 2g network.
4:56pm I got the MMS. Didn’t get the text. He wants to send me to a “TSD” rep. I advised him I can’t now. He’ll notate the account so I don’t have to wait next time.
4:58 end call

Total length of call: 26 mins