AT&T’s data network just fails on the iPhone

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2009-10-06 Tuesday Second call to AT&T to resolve no outgoing text/MMS (I can receive them just fine. It’s weird) or internet at work.
4:32pm called AT&T
4:35pm he placed me on “hold” (sounds like mute to me since there is NO music nor anything else) while he researches the issue.
4:39pm still on hold.
4:40pm he came back from hold. Had me turn off phone and remove the sim card.
4:41pm placed me back on hold while he does something on his end.
4:43pm he cames back and has me put the sim card in and turn the phone back on.
4:44pm he sends me a text and a MMS. I only received the MMS. The text message never arrived.
4:45pm he has me turn off the phone. Wait 30 seconds then turn back on.
4:51pm rep stats that “to be honest lots of problems with the iPhone”
4:52pm has me turn off 3g.
4:53pm has me restart phone since 3g was still showing in the corner.
4:54pm phone is still restarting.
4:55pm he’s resending MMS/text to me while I’m on the 2g network.
4:56pm I got the MMS. Didn’t get the text. He wants to send me to a “TSD” rep. I advised him I can’t now. He’ll notate the account so I don’t have to wait next time.
4:58 end call

Total length of call: 26 mins