Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 5

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5:39 pm
I called (866) 428-8102 back after receiving that voicemail from them this am (See  “Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 4” for notes.)

A female rep answered. I had to ask her name 2 times before she would provide it. She stated her name was Lori Alley (not 100% sure on her last name but that’s what it sounded like. Positive the first name is correct).
I explained to her that I have called numerous times to get my number removed. Gave her my phone number. She pulled it up and said it’s for Cynthia Valley.
I advised her there is no Cynthia Valley at this number.
I advised her that if this continues I will be filing a FTC complaint and taking them to small claims court.
She said very quickly “You’re doing to much sir. The number has been removed. Have a good afternoon.”
I asked for her phone extension (since the rep that had left a voicemail had provided me with one) but she was no longer on the line. She had disconnected immediately after saying “Have a good afternoon”.

5:41pm end call.

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