Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3

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I read this today while at work.

I’ve copied it in case it gets removed by Sony. Hopefully they do change there mind about releasing this “update” (or as The Internet is calling it today a “downgrade”).

PS3 Firmware (v3.21) Update

Posted by Patrick Seybold // Sr. Director, Corporate Communications & Social Media

The next system software update for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) system will be released on April 1, 2010 (JST), and will disable the “Install Other OS” feature that was available on the PS3 systems prior to the current slimmer models, launched in September 2009. This feature enabled users to install an operating system, but due to security concerns, Sony Computer Entertainment will remove the functionality through the 3.21 system software update.

In addition, disabling the “Other OS” feature will help ensure that PS3 owners will continue to have access to the broad range of gaming and entertainment content from SCE and its content partners on a more secure system.

Consumers and organizations that currently use the “Other OS” feature can choose not to upgrade their PS3 systems, although the following features will no longer be available;

  • Ability to sign in to PlayStation Network and use network features that require signing in to PlayStation Network, such as online features of PS3 games and chat
  • Playback of PS3 software titles or Blu-ray Disc videos that require PS3 system software version 3.21 or later
  • Playback of copyright-protected videos that are stored on a media server (when DTCP-IP is enabled under Settings)
  • Use of new features and improvements that are available on PS3 system software 3.21 or later

For those PS3 users who are currently using the “Other OS” feature but choose to install the system software update, to avoid data loss they first need to back-up any data stored within the hard drive partition used by the “Other OS,” as they will not be able to access that data following the update.

Additional information about PS3 firmware updates, including v3.21 (once it becomes available), can be found here:

PS3 owners who have further questions should contact Consumer Services:
800-345-7669 (800-345-SONY)

5:32 pm
I called Sony as soon as I got home.
Mark answered.
I asked him about the above article and how I can get a full refund.
He said he was very familiar with the press release and said my best bet is to sell it for online for a really high price. More than what I paid for it.
I explained to him that isn’t the reason for my call. I would like a full refund from Sony since they are removing a “feature” that was a selling point for the PS3 for me.

He stated that no “they” (he kept referring to Sony as “they” made it seem like he wasn’t part of the company) are within there right of there EULA/TOS/whatever to remove a features at anytime. He stated that since the PS3 is now hacked “they” (referencing Sony as an almighty company again) will be locking it down. He actually said “locking it down”. I believe his exact quote was “Not putting up with people hacking it so there locking it down.”

He provided me with an address I can send small claims court papers to:

ATTN Correspondence
PO Box 5888
San Mateo, CA 94402-0888

He also advised to file a complaint on the Sony website under the contact us option.

End call.

NOTE: Currently there are 1750 (nice round number) replies to the blog entry on Sony’s website totaling 33 pages worth!

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