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Ahhhhh DeepDiscount…. I swore I would never use them again. But they were having a crazy crazy sale over the summer.

07-16-2009 I placed an order for $410.22 worth of merchandise (the sale was crazy crazy crazy good!). Quite a few took awhile to ship. They were in a “backorder” status forever.

07-18-2009 they shipped the Album Twitch by the band Ministry. I received it a few weeks later (which is standard shipping time for DeepDiscount (but it’s free shipping!)).

08-17-2009 I received an email advising me that the album Filth Pig by Ministry was shipping with an ETA of 08-26-2009 through 08-31-2009.

09-28-2009 I received an email stating that they were applying me a credit for the price of Ministry’s Filth Pig to my credit card. I guess they hadn’t shipped it when they said they were going to in the previous email. I had totally forgotten about it or I would have contacted them earlier about it.

09-29-2009 I received an email from them that the album Filth Pig by Ministry was shipping with an ETA of 10-08-2009 – 10-13-2009.

10-14-2009 I received a package from DeepDiscount (a day later than the ETA had stated) and sadly it wasn’t the correct item. Instead of sending me Ministry’s Filth Pig they sent me the Ministry album Twitch. I had previously received Twitch from them in July. I sent them an email immediately about there mistake.

10-16-2009 I received an email from them that they would be sending a prepaid postage label to send back to them the incorrect CD. Once they receive it they will credit back my account. Then charge me for the correct CD. They then will ship out the correct CD with an ETA of 5-10 Business days.

10-28-2009 I just realized today I never received this prepaid shipping label and sent them an email…

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