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IE7 hates

I just got home from a night of drinking and I have an email from a co-worker saying is down.
The problem is that every time my co-worker clicks on the watch now link on the “fix” page all it does is open a new browser and loops the commercial over and over and over again..

I in disbelief pull it up in Firefox 2.0 and see from the glorious background of Oglethorpe (ATHF character) that there is a new episode available of ATHF!!!!
I go into the site and after watching a silly commercial of Space Ghost playing some sort of Tony Hawk game the new episode of ATHF plays.
So it works for me…
I call my co-worker and do the exact same thing  and it keeps looping the commercial for him and not starting the show.
I decide to try in IE to see if it works..
yep it works…
THEN THEN i get the genius idea of asking him if he’s using IE7 or IE6.
He says “yep using IE7. It was an update and I want my computer secure” (his words i swear!).
So I having the old outdated IE6 on my windows box go to windows update and see that it’s saying HEY GET IE7 NOW!
I wait the ten mins it takes to do the update of IE7 and restart my computer (IE7 demands that for the installation to complete).
So… I open in IE7 go to the “fix” section and click watch now under ATHF (aqua teen hunger force) and ….. and….
it doesn’t load the episode!!!
All it does when i click on watch the episode is open a new identical page with that damn commercial looping…
Even by clicking in the new windows under watch now it still doesn’t work…..

Those bastards at M$ ruined everyone of the joy of a new ATHF episode!!! Not to mention a new Frisky Dingo episode!!!

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