Nigerian scammers

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I’ve been selling computer equipment lately on craigslist. I’ve been getting a TON of phishing attempts from Nigerian scammers.
I find the correspondence funny.

from: Lotty Liser <>
to: ME
subject: Laptop

Lemme know if you still want to sell you item.


Notice that the horrible grammer from the scammer? It gets better.

from: ME
to: Lotty Liser <>
subject: Re: Laptop

I do.


from: Lotty Liser
to: ME
subject: Re: Laptop

Thanks for your response,
I really want to buy this for my son just that i promise him a laptop
for his birthday, but his not living with me here and i will like to
ship it down to him, but i will give you the shipment fees $70.
If you really want to sell it for me just send me your paypal email or
paypal payment request so that i can send you the money in time.


from: ME
to: Lotty Liser <>
subject: Re: Laptop

Where does it need to be shipped?


from: Lotty Liser
to: ME
subject: Re: Laptop

have told you that my son is not living with me hear, is with my brother in west africa study over there also.
plz, have make a promise for him.


from: ME
to: Lotty Liser <>
subject: Re: Laptop

What is the shipping address? I need to be able to calculate the shipping cost.


from: Lotty Liser
to: ME
subject: Re: Laptop

Name: Adedapo Samuel Oriyomi,
Address: 20 iree post,
City: Iree
State: Osun,
Zip/ Postal Code: 23435,
Country: Nigeria

I generally stop communicating with them once I get an address and then mark it as a phishing attempt in gMail.


Amazon sends a USED Blu-ray instead of a new one (part 2)

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I received the following response back from Amazon regarding shipping me a used Blu-ray instead of a new one:

Date: Mon, May 9, 2011 at 1:37 PM
Subject: Your Inquiry


I’m truly sorry to hear that the item you received didn’t include a cardboard cover (or “o-sleeve”).

Please note that the cardboard cover was only available for a limited number of this item. And unfortunately, we are unable to send you the individual cardboard cover to you.

So, if you’re interested in keeping the “Fantasia / Fantasia 2000 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)” with the slight damage, I’d like to offer you a refund of $2.79, which is 10% off the price. To accept this refund, let us know and we’ll issue the refund to your Visa card.

If the above solution is not satisfactory, I suggest you to return the item for a full refund.

If you’d prefer to return the item for a full refund, please visit our Online Returns Center:

If you wish to receive a refund of $2.79 please let us know so that we’ll look into it and help you better.

Please visit the following link to provide the information we requested:

I hope this solution works for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

I’m committed to providing world class customer service.  Please tell me how I did by clicking the appropriate link below.

Did I solve your problem?

If not, I’m very sorry.  Please click the link below.  You’ll also have the opportunity to contact Amazon via phone for immediate help with this problem.

Best regards,

Your feedback is helping us build Earth’s Most Customer-Centric Company.

Amazon sends a USED Blu-ray instead of a new one

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I just sent the following email to

Selected Order Items: Fantasia / Fantasia 2000 (Four-Disc Blu-ray/DVD Combo)

My copy of Fantasia I received I suspect is used.
It didn’t have the cardboard slipcase like the pictures had in the description.
It didn’t have the normal Blu-ray/DVD sticker (like the stickers that say “security device enclosed” if you had purchased it at a store) on the top edge of the case stating what title of the movie was.
The shrink wrap used on the Blu-ray case did not look like it came from the manufacturer.
There was no Disney Rewards code located in the case.
The Blu-ray advertisement inserts in the case were VERY bent/crinkled.
Both of the Blu-ray disks in were scratched (the 2 DVDs in the case were not).

Misrouted FedEx package from

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A few weeks ago I ordered some cheap HDMI cables from for my family and had them shipped to there house. Yesterday during’s WOOT OFF I purchased a (almost) $600 camera. In my hurry to purchase it before it sold out I didn’t notice that I still had there address listed as the recipient.
Today I got an email and realized my mistake when the email was addressed to my family and not me.
I called FedEx but the shipping number provided hasn’t entered FedEx’s system yet. They said to contact the seller and get it rerouted.
FedEx also stated that they wouldn’t be able to do anything till the first attempted delivery has happened and then for an additional fee they could change the address!
I hope the email I just sent to can get the address changed before it ships out so i can avoid FedEx’s fee.

Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 4)

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Well after 7454 posts (150 pages worth) Sony has locked the blog entry due to it being over 30 days old.


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Yesterday was the first time that I’ve purchased anything from Kmart this year (It wouldn’t have been my first trip…. BUT there was that issue with them and there “bait and switch” coupon). The $10 off a $50 purchase was burning a hole in my pocket (That I got for whining about there “bait and switch” coupon). Sadly I was charged for the same product multiple times on my receipt and will have to go back to demand my refund.
I had purchased 2 bottles or mouthwash. It was BOGO 50% off. Seemed like an ok deal. That is till they charged me for 4 bottles when I only bought 2 🙁

Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 3)

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Well I tried to login to PSN (Playstation Network). Seems like they blocked the DNS settings everyone was using to bybass the new firmware update 🙁

Luckily Netflix still works!!!!

There are now 7,145 comments on Sony’s blog entry announcing the firmware “downgrade”. 143 pages worth!

Sony removes install “other OS” from PS3 (part 2)

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I am unable to login to the PSN (online playstation network on the PS3). It requires me to update to the latest firmware first. Sadly that firmware will remove the install other os feature. Which was one of the selling points for the PS3.

So I called Sony.

The automated system says the current expected hold time is 3 mins

I reach Arcila(? I should have really asked her how to spell her name.)
She advises that you can not play online unless you update to the latest firmware
She also states that “any new Blu-ray movies will require firmware 3.2.1 or higher”.

A few other memorable quotes from her were:

“that’s the way it is”

“We are not allowed to hang up on you.”

I advised her that it was advertised to have “install other OS” support which was one of the reasons I bought it.
She stated “the install other OS option was a free feature that we’ve chosen to remove”
I asked “Well backwards compatibility is a “free feature” in the original PS3s. When is that going to be removed?”
She stated “Most PS3s don’t even have that”

I again asked when will you be removing the PS2 backwards compatibility support.

She stated “The new ones don’t have that anyways”.
She wouldn’t answer my question. Just kept implying that if you have that “free feature” you should feel luck you do…. For now.

“my hand to God we will not issue you a refund”

I’m sure you don’t want to deal with 500 calls like this a day?
“Don’t mind. It’s my job.”

I asked her for the address to send small claims court paperwork to.
Took her a few mins to find it. She was muttering under her breath the whole time as she looked for it.
She did state a min or so into looking “can’t find a address” then she went back to muttering and finally found it. Same address I had received before. Though she didn’t give me the ATTN: Correspondence bit at first. I had to ask her if there was anyone I needed to address it to and she then provided that part.

ATTN: Correspondence
PO BOX 5888
San Mateo, CA 94402-0888

5:58pm she hung up.

I gave my attorney generals office a call on the off chance they were still open.
They weren’t.
I doubt the will be open tomorrow for Good Friday. It’s worth a shot though.

I change my DNS settings and I am able to avoid the software update and get on PSN.

The blog entry on Sony’s website
that started it all now has 5287 comments on it totaling 106 pages!!

Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 5

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5:39 pm
I called (866) 428-8102 back after receiving that voicemail from them this am (See  “Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 4” for notes.)

A female rep answered. I had to ask her name 2 times before she would provide it. She stated her name was Lori Alley (not 100% sure on her last name but that’s what it sounded like. Positive the first name is correct).
I explained to her that I have called numerous times to get my number removed. Gave her my phone number. She pulled it up and said it’s for Cynthia Valley.
I advised her there is no Cynthia Valley at this number.
I advised her that if this continues I will be filing a FTC complaint and taking them to small claims court.
She said very quickly “You’re doing to much sir. The number has been removed. Have a good afternoon.”
I asked for her phone extension (since the rep that had left a voicemail had provided me with one) but she was no longer on the line. She had disconnected immediately after saying “Have a good afternoon”.

5:41pm end call.

Mystery number (866) 428-8102 part 4

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Recieved yet another missed call from (866) 428-8102! This time a voicemail was left though. Here’s what it said word for word:

“This personal message is gonna to be for Ms. Cynthia Valley(?).
If you are not Ms Valley please do not listen to this message further.
Cynthia my name is Mr. Muriel with Portfolio Recovery Associates a debt collector.
Can you please return my callback at your earliest convenience at 1-866-428-8102 extension number 18015
This is an attempt to collect a debt. Information may be obtained for that purpose.”